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Studio Riebenbauer


Estoras, founded by Paul-Anton Esterházy, is an exclusive brand based on the heritage of his grandfather Antal Esterházy. His character, his passion, his stories and his adventures served as the inspiration for this unique first scent »Antal. Chasing The Horizon.«

Studio Riebenbauer


To capture this spirit of adventure we created the brand and packaging design for this new exclusive brand. Estoras invites you to rediscover the past through fragrance. The refined collection is inspired by the remarkable life of Prince Antal Esterházy, reflecting his character and daring escapades. Our design for Estoras is a testament to this heritage, celebrating it in every detail.

Studio Riebenbauer
Studio Riebenbauer


I am drifting. The dirt splashes into my face. The air filled by the scent of a roaring engine. I drive faster, fly higher, travel further – always chasing the horizon, sensing the countless adventures that await me.

Studio Riebenbauer
Studio Riebenbauer
Studio Riebenbauer
Studio Riebenbauer

Studio Riebenbauer

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