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Venice Beach Football Club

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Studio Riebenbauer


Nestled against the iconic Venice Beach backdrop, our newly unveiled Street Soccer Court embodies the dynamic spirit of the Venice Beach Football Club, seamlessly integrating into the cultural mosaic of Los Angeles. A vibrant testament to community bonds, it echoes the club's commitment to unity, diversity, and the timeless joy of the beautiful game.

Studio Riebenbauer
Studio Riebenbauer


Step onto the pitch and feel the vibrant pulse of Venice: The new VBFC Street Soccer Court, a living canvas reflecting the Venice Beach Football Club's commitment to restoring the game's humble origins and engaging the diverse tapestry of Los Angeles. In every kick, pass, and goal, the court encapsulates the essence of the club's mission to bridge communities and celebrate the enduring spirit of soccer.

Studio Riebenbauer


Amidst the winds of change in Venice Beach, our Street Soccer Court stands resolute, a symbol of hope and unity inspired by the Venice Beach Football Club’s unwavering dedication to preserving the soul of soccer in a transforming city. Proudly emerging at the iconic Venice Beach, we aim to create a new landmark akin to the Skate Pool and Muscle Beach.

Studio Riebenbauer


Join VBFC every Sunday at 4 pm for the legendary Sunday Pick Ups, where the largest American Pick Up Game unfolds, welcoming players of all ages and sizes. This is where the spirit of community thrives, making it an experience unlike any other.

Studio Riebenbauer

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