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AlphaTauri Getreidegasse

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Inspired by the innovative, revitalizing fabric Taurex®, the new AlphaTauri store in Salzburg's Getreidegasse combines polished aluminum, concrete and homemade meteorites to serve as a gallery for innovative fashion. The spacey, futuristic design and intergalactic lighting of the store pay tribute to the brand’s values and set a new standard for retail interiors in the city.

Studio Riebenbauer’s house-designed neon light was adapted to fit the concept – with 30 light tubes redefining the baroque building. An installation of connected screens on the ceiling dynamically lights the room with video collage. The space echoes its namesake, Alpha Tauri, the brightest, most radiant, energy-rich star in the constellation of Taurus the bull.

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»A space reflecting innovation and technology.«