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Carpenter Elsenwenger

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The fact that, for a carpenter, everything revolves around wood is obvious. The fact that in Tischlerei Elsenwenger profession, vocation, love of the material and attention to detail merge together in an own expression, was what this identity needed to prove. Accordingly, wood sheets were used as the main material, from the business cards to the

brochures. The personal touch in the print materials refers to the carpenter’s chalk handwriting. This is the way usually used to mark wood type and dimensions. so, the graphic system of the identity finds its origin — like everything else — at Elsenwenger’s favorite place: his workshop.

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To allow for all the wood’s character to be experienced, a series of perfumes was developed. By filling the bottles with various types and sizes of wood shavings, an unique olfactory consulting tool was created. In this way, the client can choose the furniture not only by the look of the

wood, but also by its smell. So is the Elsenwenger brand fully experienced. In addition, »Elsenwenger Nn.13« was sent as a direct mailing. A mailing that allows the Elsenwenger brand to be experienced in all its facets. Even if one is not in Elsenwenger’s workshop.

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To give the whole branding an unified look, we made an in-house shooting. This way we cut the middle man and

retained full control of the whole process. Just as with Elsenwenger, everything comes from the same source.

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