Christian Eisenberger’s »Drei bemalte Papierbögen«


An object inhabiting the space between Artwork and Book, Christian Eisenberger’s »Drei bemalte Papierbögen gefaltet und zu 12 Seiten geheftet, nummeriert und signiert« (Three painted paper sheets folded and stapled into 12 pages, numbered and signed) challenges what one would expect from art book publisher Album Verlag — or from a book.

With three original paintings folded into 12 pages and enclosed in a wood transport box, each issue constitutes a different book. Or maybe it’s not a book at all.

Studio_Riebenbauer_Eisenberger_02 Studio_Riebenbauer_Eisenberger_09 Studio_Riebenbauer_Eisenberger_11 Studio_Riebenbauer_Eisenberger_03 Studio_Riebenbauer_Eisenberger_13 Studio_Riebenbauer_Eisenberger_12 Studio_Riebenbauer_Eisenberger_14 Studio_Riebenbauer_Eisenberger_08 Studio_Riebenbauer_Eisenberger_15 Studio_Riebenbauer_Eisenberger_06 Studio_Riebenbauer_Eisenberger_10