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Cup Of Ceremony San Francisco

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Cup of Ceremony is a holistic experience, an analogue retreat that combines Japanese traditions and modern design. The brand was initiated by Google’s Creative Director Jonathan Chung and his family and brings Japanese tea ceremonies to Silicon Valley to further the development of all our senses.

The first shop was opened as a pop-up concept in Dogpatch, San Francisco and provides its customers with a museum experience in a sensual oasis.

The conceptual idea’s central theme of perfect imperfection is reflected in every aspect of this project. We decipher everyday life and provide precious space for emptiness, to fill it with creativity and personality. The idea has its origins in Japanese culture, according to which broken and therefore imperfect objects become something special. We show the beauty of broken things. Because only if something is broken can we see its subjacent layers.

The pop-up store focuses on our most developed sense: our sense of smell. Four candles are available, whose scents were created by a Korean perfumer. These scents are based on Jonathan Chung’s childhood memories.

Curated workshops guide visitors through Cup of Ceremony’s olfactory world. Concrete molds are used to give the fragrant wax creations appropriate vessels and each candle its individual character. Extraordinary ice creams are served to give the customer – together with the scent of the candle – a holistic experience.

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