Herbarium Sculpturale

Editorial | Graphic Design

»Herbarium Sculpturale« highlights a work series by the same name, from austrian artist Markus Hofer. This series consists of »plant sculptures«, i.e. objects that are a mix between potted house plant and art piece.

In this series, Hofer explores the similarities and differences between two central areas of our lifes – nature, and the production of art and culture.

Herbarium 003a Herbarium 003b Herbarium 004a Herbarium 004b Herbarium 005 Herbarium 006a Herbarium 006b Herbarium 008a Herbarium 008b Herbarium 007 Herbarium 009 Herbarium 011 Herbarium 017 Herbarium 015 Herbarium 013 Herbarium 012b Herbarium 018 Herbarium 019