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Öfferl Bakery

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Georg Öfferl and Lukas Uhl started their business just four years ago in a small village in Austria. With a new approach and a focus on organic breads with a strong character, they simply revolutionized the bakery scene in the German speaking countries.

With the opening for their first Flagshipstore in Vienna we completely redesigned the brand to create an unique experience over all channels. A holistic approach and branding that plays with all senses. Find out more at

»A new brandlogo, claim and distinctive textual tonality was the starting point.«

The fundament for an unique experience

Öfferl Brandsystem

»The new Flagshipstore is the core element of the branding.«

Stone, brushed aluminium, warm concrete and soil.

Oefferl Signage
Oefferl Uniform
Öfferl Logo 1
Öfferl Brote 1
Oefferl Wall
Oefferl Bread
Oefferl Zubrot 5
Oefferl Zubrot
Oefferl To Go
Oefferl Zubrot 2
Oefferl Soil
Oefferl Fountain
Öfferl Verkauf
Oefferl Bistro 2
Oefferl Stairs 2
Oefferl Stairs 3
Oefferl Hanger
Oefferl Stairs

»In the basement we created a conceptual installation.«

Symbolizing the DNA of the brand

Oefferl Table 2
Oefferl Table 4
Oefferl Lamps 3
Oefferl Table 3
Oefferl Table
Oefferl Lamps 2
Oefferl Toilet
Oefferl Handrail
»Madame and Mademoiselle Crousto«
Every bread has its own character
Mademoiselle Crousto
Madame Crousto
Backstube 3

»We design all aspects to create a full brand experience.«

The Plates – designed and developed with MA ceramics

Ceramics 1

»The clothing is another important brand layer.«

Made by Fuer Wien

Clothing 1

»The new Website is part of the digital experience.«


»A strong storytelling concept shows the people behind the products.«

Some of the best organic farmers and producers

Helga Bernold Erla Kolben 03
Georg Marksteiner Milch 02
Georg Marksteiner Milch 04
Josef Stinzl Traubensaft 04
Eva Schäffer Eier 03
Georg Höflmaier Butter Käse 04