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Scent of a Mountain

Olfactory Design | Packaging | Sound Design | Brand Senses

The first perfume by Studio Riebenbauer – an experiment that shines a light on the multidimensionality of Studio Riebenbauer’s work, in a project meant to be experienced with all senses.

A perfume made with 100% natural ingredients, the packaging and a film with sounds from field recording sessions, build an intensive experience. A deep look into our roots. A Manifesto of our Philosophy.

Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_2 Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_3 Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_9
Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_16a
Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_16b
Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_4
Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_7a
Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_7b
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Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_15a
Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_15b
Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_11
Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_14a
Studio_Riebenbauer_Scentofa Mountain_14b

The movie