»The scent of bread«

Branding | Olfactory Design | Packaging

In order to translate the journey of the grain, from field to freshly baked bread, as an olfactory experience, we created 3 fragrances that would communicate Buchgraber’s comprehensive, philosophical approach to bread making. »Respekt« (Respect) stands for growing life in the fields, »Stolz« (Pride) stands for the hard work during production and »Hingabe« (dedication), a mixture of wood oven and Cumin, for the consumption experience.

To preserve the aromas of these 3 stages, the ingredients were dipped into oil and wax for months and then poured into handmade ceramic containers. Wrapped in Buchgraber’s bread paper, sewn in repurposed, flour-sprinkled baker’s linen. Real craftmenship – like Klaus Buchgrabers bread.

Riebenbauer_Buchgraber_Duftkerze_04 Riebenbauer_Buchgraber_Duftkerze_02 Riebenbauer_Buchgraber_Duftkerze_06 Riebenbauer_Buchgraber_Duftkerze_05 Riebenbauer_Buchgraber_Duftkerze_03 Riebenbauer_Buchgraber_Duftkerze_08 Riebenbauer_Buchgraber_Duftkerze_10 Riebenbauer_Buchgraber_Duftkerze_09 Riebenbauer_Buchgraber_Duftkerze_07