Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_02b

Vienna Design Week

Branding | Branding Strategy | Olfactory Design | Senses | Sound Design

As a part of the Vienna Design Week 2017, we created an installation under the theme „The sixth sense of a brand“ that dedicated a different stage to each sense.

Smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight were played with to be experienced in unusual and enticing ways. Two nights, one experiment, one lab – an intense and new look at all senses.

Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_03a
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_03b
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_02a
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_02b
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_04a
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_04b
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_044a
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_044b
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_01a
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_01b
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_05a
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_05b
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_06a
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_06b
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Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_12-Kopie_a
Studio Riebenbauer_VDW_12-Kopie_b