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Direct Mailing »Wurst«

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An evening dedicated to the Sausage. An invitation in a sausage. Sausage music. Sausage salad. Everything sausage. Renowned Chef Richard Rauch creates his interpretation of Robert Buchberger’s sausages, to the tune of a live DJ Remix of Buchberger’s Sausage LP.

An Ode to the craft of the sausage maker and butcher. Not only analog – but also digital. At the analog essence of a sausage can be digitally experienced.

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The recipe

„500g of the finest invitation“ also aims to be the finest tasting pleasure. Therefore, at Robert Buchberger prepares the most exquisite „saure Wurst“ (sour sausage).

With styrian pumpkin seed oil, „deer pear“ vinegar, onions. And sausage.